Project for the Study of Dissidence and Samizdat

The Electronic Archive “Project for the Study of Dissidence and Samizdat” (PSDS) includes the database of Soviet samizdat periodicals, electronic editions of selected samizdat journals, illustrated timelines of dissident movements, and interviews with activists. The Project aims to make rare materials more widely available and to provoke questions about the trajectories of groups and individuals within the varied field of Soviet dissidence and nonconformist culture.

First Moscow-Tartu Digital Humanities School

From July 3-7, 2016, the School of Linguistics at Higher School of Economics (Moscow) and Tartu University will organize a digital humanities school at the Museum Estate of Lev Tolstoi at Iasnaia Poliana. Registration is available at this site.

The program includes:

Oleg Sobchuk and Artem Shelia, “Literary scholars against robots: measuring the evolution of poetry in the longue duree”

Danill Skorinkin, “Social networks in the classics/building social networks from classics”

Roman Leibov and Anastasiia Bonch-Osmolovskaia, “Key motifs in ‘naive poetry'”

Boris Orekhov, “Dispersion analysis and Game of Thrones: What can statistics say about Westeros?”

Mariia Levchenko, “How to quantify poetry?”