ASEEES THATCamp, November 17th, 2016, Washington, DC

The newly formed Slavic Digital Humanities Affiliate Group will hold a THATCamp on the site of the 2016 ASEEES Convention. This is a one-day informal workshop that will bring together Slavists and other scholars working in all different areas of the digital humanities, as well as those who are curious to learn more about these methodologies. There will be a very basic introduction session for those completely new to DH, as well as more advanced breakout sessions in specific areas. As a THATCamp, the event has no formal schedule or set agenda.
We will have a poll to gauge interest in workshops on specific topics before the conference or during the first session. Participants are free to move between panels (per the “law of two feet”) and to make the most of their time and the potential for collaboration and learning.

Date/time: Thursday, November 17, 9am-12pm, followed by lunch
Location: Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, Washington D.C.

Registration fee: $20, to be collected in September. (Covers wifi for the session and a Slavic DH mug. Surplus budget will be put toward a group lunch and coffee. Graduate students and adjunct faculty can request to be exempt from the fee.)

9:15-10 Introductions
10-11 Breakout session 1
11-12 Breakout session 2

Topics for breakout session can include:

What is DH anyway? Intro to DH – 2 hour session
Problems with Working with Slavic and East European languages: Diacritics and Cyrillic Script
Text Encoding/TEI
Digital Public Scholarship
GIS & mapping
Topic Modeling
Digital Publishing Platforms
Digital Pedagogy
DH Course Development
Programming for Humanists
Blogging & public scholarship
Digital Archives & Databases
Propose your own

THATCamp Registration:
Registration Deadline: September 15, 2016

We look forward to seeing you at THATCamp and we encourage you to join the series of seven panels that we have organized as part of the annual ASEEES convention. These panels are marked in the schedule with DH and the topic.

Organized by the board of the Digital Humanities Affiliate Group at ASEEES:
Seth Bernstein, Natalia Ermolaev, Philip Gleissner, Andrew Janco, and Jessie Labov

Workshop Facilitators:
Seth Bernstein, David Birnbaum, Marijeta Bozovic, Carlotta Chenoweth, Tom Ewing, Philip Gleissner, Andrew Janco, Jessie Labov, Joan Neuberger, Kelly O’Neill, Michael Połczyński, Josh Sanborn

Mapping Cultural Space Across Eurasia

This website is the product of a year-long bi-weekly interdisciplinary seminar on the production, representation, and significance of cultural space, held during the 2014-2015 academic year at the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies.

You can see both our collaborative workspace and the final projects carried out by members of the seminar. There are collections of group projects using Omeka, a Neatline exhibits, and an assortment of approaches to narrating the final projects.


Building on Dissertation Reviews‘ extensive experience with reviews of recently defended dissertations and innovative junior scholarship, Curator is a new project offering analysis of  significant emerging ideas and methods in the Humanities and Social Sciences.  We will gather applications from recent PhDs and junior scholars to form a cohort of 5-10 “curators” who will each write a future-state-of-the-field essay, which offers a synthesis and forecast of an emerging idea or method.  For example, a recent dissertation was written as a graphic novel.  How do academic comics open new forms of verbal-visual representation?  How do counter-forensic methods undermine state attempts to destroy evidence of atrocities? How does engaged scholarship take different forms across disciplines?  We invite you to think creatively in ways that reveal emerging patterns and possibilities.  Proposals on developments within established disciplines or fields as well as those that cross disciplinary boundaries and regions of the globe will be welcome.  

Out site is still in progress, but can be found at

Call for Proposals: DH sessions at the 2016 ASEEES convention

We are planning a cluster of panels and roundtables at the 2016 annual convention of the Association of Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies (November 17-20, 2016, Washington, DC).

If you are interested in presenting on one of the digital humanities topics below, please contact the respective organizer with a brief description of your contribution. We also welcome ideas for other topics not listed.

Please contact us by January 15.

More information about the Slavic DH group coming soon. Contact us at or join the mailing list affiliated with this site.

Happy holidays!
Natasha Ermolaev, Philip Gleissner, Seth Bernstein, Andy Janco and Jessie Labov

GIS & Mapping
Organizer: Seth Bernstein (

Platforms for Digital Scholarship
New Publishing Models, Blogging, Public Scholarship (including such platforms as Scalar, Omeka, WordPress, Drupal)
Organizer: Andrew Janco (

Alt-Ac Careers and Professional Development
Organizer: Natalia Ermolaev (

Digital Humanities in and out of the Classroom
Organizer: Jessie Labov (

Networks – Visualization and Analysis between Sociology and the Humanities
Organizer: Philip Gleissner (

The Data of Literature: Tools and Theoretical Conceptualizations
How do we approach literature as data and what are the theoretical implications of this?
Organizer: Philip Gleissner (